Hello loves. please take a minute and check out this website. My dear friend Matt Crigger has been through a lot this year and is better and more amazing than ever! His story is real and incredible and I'm blessed and proud to have him in my life.  -Kelly Vieau

Very inspirational. Nothing is impossible. Great job Matt! -Shanel Macias

 Read your page- excellent Matt. - Julie Smith Loepp

Yay Matt! Can't wait to read all your posts. -Robyn Goldrick

 Looks good! You are such a strong person and a great leader! I think your site will help many.  -Kathy Yoder


 Nice job Matt  I read through the entire site Looking forward to additional updates  You look fab....more pictures always a welcome addition...working through the hurdles. -Denise Catherine Poirot Bock

Just read it and it was great! Your website will help so many people know that they are not alone in their experience. I love how positive you are. It is so important to hold onto hope and not to listen to anyone who tries to take that away from you! I look forward to many more updates!! -Christina Reilly

I just read your story and for one I am very proud of you for all the strength and courage it took to come so far in your journey. Second I had no idea that you had went this till just recently and I hoped all is going well for you now. -Mike Colyer

Read it and loved it! Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to all! -Cecilia Herson

 Awesome Job Matt.. -Fabio Russo

Writing is one of the best therapies one can provide for them self and for others. Keep your head up! Remember you went through this but are now a stronger man in so many ways and will be a true inspiration. Keep reaching out and laughing the love and support are there. -Emaliah Ear Rob

Well said Matt, you're doing a great job.... -Shirley Gilmour

Very inspiring Matt! So amazing of you to share your story! I wish you all the best with your recovery! -Tiffany Broering-Robbins

You are making amazing progress in your journey to overcome, working with a passion to help others who are dealing with your experience, and inspiring a whole bunch of people who didn't even know they needed it. -Rob Golden

Wow! I didn't even know all this! I just took a glance at the website and I am almost in shock, yet surprised and eager to go back and start reading the whole story. Kudos!!!! -Alexandra Mona

If you ever want me to write anything for your website please let me know! we do Gamma Knife treatment and are happy and I would be happy to help you! I'm so proud of you!!!! -Ann Calcaterra Mustonen

I wanted to contact you to tell you what a rock star I think you are. We met at the L.A. support group, I was with my daughter and husband. I had my surgery Nov.26, with Dr.Friedman and Dr. Giannotta. My surgery was on Tues and was released on Fri. Was doing pretty darn well until some facial weakness set in last wk. What bothers me most is my left eye that doesn't blink as it should so as a result I have dry eye that, as you well know, is maddening. I saw Dr. Friedman on Wed and he put me on 10 day prendisone. I read your story after we returned home from the support group, oh my word, you have been through so much and have been such a warrior. Me, I am just trying to get through each day without crying too much. I just pray that my eye starts to blink to normal rate. I will see an eye dr next week. If you have words of encouragement, I would love to hear from you. I think of you often and hope you are improving, albeit, baby steps every day. They say it's a marathon not a sprint. You seem to handle everything that has been dealt to you with strength, dignity, and grace. I very much admire that. Thank you so much for your blog, you are an inspiration. Truly.

Best Regards,


Way to go Matt... You continue to inspire and impress... Merry Christmas bud. - Connie Tippett Andreasson

Matt is so motivated! We need more people like him. I love Bikram Yoga. Keep up the great work Matt!           -Rose Marie Chenhalls Stolk

His recovery is amazing! Great work Matt!! -Nancy Crosby

Looks like you are doing fantastic and what a fighting spirit. -Cecilia Herson

 Congrats Matt! What a difference from 4th of July. Awesome -Cecilia Bunting Gollan

Keep up the good work. You'll be back to snowboarding in no time. -Richard Heldenbrand