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My Yoga Testimonial For August Student Of The Month



Happy, Smiling Face of the Month

Matt Crigger

I was Diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma - non cancerous Brain Tumor November 2012. The tumor was successfully removed Feb. 8th 2013 at USC in LA. Along with the removal of my tumor I lost the left balance nerve and my left side hearing. The loss of hearing and my balance nerve made it impossible for me to walk let alone stand up. After 5 days at USC and 5 days at Sunrise Rehabilitation Center in Las Vegas, I was released with a walker to assist me daily. I worked extremely hard with Dynamic Sport and Spine for the first month to get my balance back as the right side began to take over. I started setting goals for myself and ran the Susan Komen 5k three months post surgery in 37 minutes. I read up on yoga benefits and thought it would help rewire my nerves if I started a yoga program. I joined Bikram Yoga Westside in June and after a week began noticing amazing results. I was finally able to stand on one foot again without any assistance. I was feeling a great sense of accomplishment and started attending every other day. Bikram Yoga was the answer to help me get to the next level of my recovery. My balance and energy is much stronger. On July 4th I finished another 5k in 29 minutes.

I am 5 months post surgery and feeling much better. I have true rebirth in my life!  I eat really healthy, juice my fruits and veggies, and exercise daily.This yoga has helped me not only physically but mentally. I will keep moving forward, attending Bikram Yoga and master as much as I can. 

Thanks again Bikram Yoga Westside. It is a true blessing that I found you, and I am committed to staying focused on my rehabilitation. A special thanks to Sharon Jalene for helping through the last four weeks, I look forward to working with you more.