9 month Post Op

Almost the one year mark. Wow! What a journey its been.... I don't even know where to begin. Where did I leave off? After my six month check up in LA I veered of track mentally. The positive path I've been heading down became a little rocky after I attended an Acoustic Neuroma support group during my LA visit. The check up with Gianotta  at USC went well as he said he's extremely happy with my progress. My next scheduled MRI isn't till June 2014. Not so sure I am ready to subject myself to a support group where I felt as if I was reliving my journey from the beginning. I was in a room of about 20 AN patients who were either just diagnosed, 2 weeks post op or years post op. All who had similar journeys yet some better than others. Emotions ran high and I was just overwhelmed. Without being rude I stayed for the whole meeting and tried to remain positive. After my return to Vegas I became very worried that my tumor was regrowing and started to stress myself out which caused me to feel as if my symptoms were coming back. I called USC and talked to Gianotta's PA, Dawn who reassured me it was all stress and that I needed to relax. Since that episode I have returned to my "new normal" thank god.

I have continued to remain active and healthy. I am regaining my strength through exercising, Bikram Yoga, and daily vegetable juicing. I have joined my bowling league again for the fall/winter season. I started out pretty strong but yet to have found my happy medium as I struggle with balance and vision. I currently hold a 170 average and hope to improve that to a 185 by the season end. As for the dry eye and vision I visited a new eye doctor recently who reported that my eye is blinking roughly 25% and he would like it to blink about 90% to properly lubricate the cornea. Mind you 9 months ago the eye wasn't blinking at all. There is hope! Up until about 2 weeks ago I was using ointment all day to prevent any damage to the cornea which obstructed my vision making it extremely blurry. My eye doctor recommended a high moisture contact that will protect the cornea which I just have to add eye drops. As frustrating as it is on a positive note I can see again. On the other hand my balance doesn't really seem to be improving anymore. If it is I'm not really noticing that much. I feel like I'm becoming a highly skilled walking drunk, I'm able to correct most of my stumbling and wobbling easier. I wish everyone could walk in my shoes for just one day to understand exactly what I'm talking about. I have been slowly relearning all the things I use to enjoy for example riding my motorcycles. I've recently went on a couple rides and as enjoyable as it was it was also challenging. I have to really focus which makes sightseeing almost impossible. This should become easier over time. I'm excited to strap on my snowboard and hit the mountain slopes this season. Ill keep you posted and let you know how that goes. Lately I've been trying to avoid naps at all cost and push through the day. When and if I lay down for a nap instead of a 30 min cat nap it becomes about a 2 hour hibernation. Doctor says listen to your body and trust me I know when its time to hibernate.... When my drunk walk becomes an uncontrollable stumble and wobble I know its time to hibernate. I live in Las Vegas so its acceptable, I fit right in. 

Back in June you may recall my Yoga goal and the instructor Sharon who was really inspired by me. Well since then Sharon has invited me back to UNLV to speak to her wellness class again. This time after speaking I was asked to be a part of a group project and share the benefits of yoga and how it has helped my recovery. "If I can do it so can you." The students are finalizing the project and are going to send me a copy which I hope to share on this site. It makes me so happy to help others.