Quick Update

I jumped back on the dirt bike and went riding in the sand dunes this week. Dumont Sand Dunes, California. I was getting a little choked up just thinking 10 months ago I couldn't even stand up. I couldn't believe I was able to keep my balance in the sand. Talk about some serious balance exercise. The best comparison would be riding a bicycle through beach sand. Not easy, right? Going fast in a straight line wasn't too difficult. Trouble was trying to ride up a steep hill and turn around to come back down. Lost my balance a few times and fell over in the sand. Riding wheelies and jumping will take some more practice..... Next Trip will be Glamis sand dunes for New Years with the folks.

On a side note while camping in the dunes this week connected with two people who both their mothers had recently had Acoustic Neuromas. Both had Gamma Knife treatment and are doing well but it just blew my mind. Its a rare tumor and to meet not only one but two people whose mothers both had an Acoustic Neuroma is just unheard of. 

Another great story I want to share that brightened my day yesterday. While in LA at the support group I connected with a wonderful family whose mother, Adrienne, was recently diagnosed. While speaking with them I could sense all the emotions that they were experiencing. It helped me better understand how my family felt when I was diagnosed. Sadness, fears, questions and unknowns... Yesterday I received a wonderful email from Adrienne. She had her surgery on Nov. 26 with Dr. Friedman and Dr. Giannotta. at USC. Her surgery was on Tues and was released on Fri. Without trying to write her an email back, she had left a phone number and I couldn't wait to call her to find out how she was doing. I phoned Adrienne last night and we spoke for over an hour before I went to my Yoga class. I can't even describe how nice it was to hear her voice and talk with her about our journey. We were able to connect immediately and share our stories. As Adrienne expressed to me how frustrating her eye issue is becoming I was quickly able to relate and give her some suggestions. I hope she doesn't mind but I'd like to share her email in my comment section. It clearly made my day! Its so nice to connect with others that share similar experiences that can relate to what our "new normal" is. I can honestly say I had a "new normal" smile yesterday :)