?'s to ask your surgeon - Pre Surgery

I've compiled a list of questions to ask your surgeon during your initial consultation. I recommend a few different consultations. Record each one and listen to them repeatedly. 

How long have you been practicing? 

How many Acoustic Neuroma removals have you performed? 

What is the estimated tumor size?  

What is your surgical approach? RetroSigmoid or Translabrynthine

Do I have time for a second opinion? 

If you had an Acoustic Neuroma, who would remove yours? 

What is the average healing process and time frame? 

Will I have facial paralysis? 

Will my balance nerve be affected? 

Can you save my hearing nerve? 

How long do you anticipate surgery?

What kind of pre-surgery testing is required? 

How long do you anticipate my hospital stay?

What are my restrictions following surgery? 

Will I need and rehab or physical therapy?

What is your recommended follow up schedule?