Dry Eye

Just had a follow up visit with Dr. Mark Lee regarding my dry eye. Lee has been following my progress for a few months now. Due to surgery I am experiencing chronic dry eye. My eye doesn't blink. Basically the windshield wiper effect doesn't work and creates extreme discomfort. Currently I wear a high moisture non corrective contact lens to prevent cornea abrasions. Along with the lens I use multiple different Refresh products throughout the day to combat the dry eye sensation. I prefer the drops rather than the ointment due to the fact the ointment creates blurred vision. Problem with the drops is that they don't hold up that long and I find myself applying drops every 20-30 minutes rather than every couple hours with the ointment. Trying to find a level of comfort throughout the day is extremely frustrating at times. I'll usually wear my eye patch while looking at my computer screen for any length of time to prevent the eye from drying out. Before bed I remove the contact, apply Refresh PM and an eye patch. I went into the Dr. for a checkup today praying for a positive progress report. Unfortunately I was informed that there's no new noticeable progress. Lee told me this process could take years as the nerves regenerate. He did suggest purchasing moisture chamber type of glasses to help prevent the eye from drying out so quickly throughout the day. With a price tag of a $150, I think I'll sleep on that idea for a little while. The glasses are made by Panoptix  and the frames are by 7 Eyes. They are offered in many styles with clear and tinted lens options. For the meantime I will continue taking extreme care of the eye with a combination of the contact, drops, ointment and eye patch.

I currently own a few good pair of goggles that I wear when snowboarding and riding my motorcycles. So far I haven't experienced any issues from the wind or dirt while riding. I hope that my snowboarding experience in February goes smoothly as well.