Operation Cougar

   I've been wanting to write this blog for sometime now. It was such an overwhelming emotional day, I've had a hard time sitting down to write about this memorable day filled with so much emotion.

On May 14th, 2013 I was invited to Operation Cougar, a charity golf tournament in my honor. It was hosted by my good friends Shane, Mike, Danny and many others who took the time to help arrange this special day.  I have been golfing since I was a little kid and have played many rounds with Shane and Mike. They wanted to do something special to help me during my recovery. It was only appropriate to hold a scrambles golf tournament at Angel Park Golf Course, a place we frequent. I had no idea what to expect.

I recall starting my day with loud tinnitus, dry eye, bumping into a few walls, facial paralysis, breakfast, a gym session, lunch and a call to my mom to say hi and tell her that I was headed to the golf outing shortly. Danny picked me up around 1 pm that Tuesday afternoon it was the first 100 degree day of the year. Sun was shinning and it was hot! All I knew is that I was going to the golf course to celebrate and spend the day with my friends on the course. I was excited to see everyone.  

As I walked to the clubhouse I was greeted by some familiar faces. As I proceeded around the side of the clubhouse I notice a bunch of people all wearing custom print Operation Cougar shirts. I'm in shock all of the sudden. Then my mom appears from behind the bar and comes running at me with open arms. Surprise! Wow, I was speechless. Little did I know she was in Vegas when I spoke with here earlier. She had traveled from Michigan to participate in my golf outing. I was so happy! So many people were there to support me during this special day. I'm so thankful for such loving, supporting family and friends. I even got to spend sometime with my nephew, Wyatt.

I was given a box of shirts and a roll of fifty fifty raffle tickets to sell. At this point I wasn't sure how many people or who was all playing golf. It was a shot gun start scheduled for 2 pm. Most of the groups were already spread about their assigned tee boxes ready to start. Unsure how to tackle the day I jumped in a golf cart accompanied by my friend Cindy and took off to thank each foursome for their love and support. My sister, Erin, and friend Ethan followed behind selling shirts and raffle tickets. Cindy photographed the entire day as we visited each foursome.

The day was zipping by, I was having so much fun I didn't want it to end. I was in shock the whole time. Cindy kept reminding that all theses people where there because they love and care about me. I was trying to breathe and take it all in. We made our way around all 18 holes and back to the clubhouse as all the golfers were making their way in. The score cards were tallied, prizes distributed, raffle ticket drawn and I gave a short thank you speech. A few of us headed to a local restaurant for some dinner, where I was able to take a breather and recap the day. The day went by so fast and I was exhausted. While at dinner my mom presented the letter she had wrote to the TODAY SHOW. See "Moms letter to the TODAY SHOW" post. Such a nice letter. Thank you

I've lived in Las Vegas for 9 years and have developed an amazing caring network of friends. I refer to these friends as my Vegas family. Vegas is a very transient town with a lot of flakes. These friendships mean so much to me. I have always been the type of person to give and help others but this day was all about me. It was absolutely amazing! I've never experienced anything quite like this before. To this day I think about all the people who took time from their busy lives to come out and show their love and support. The event was a huge success with about 70 plus golfers and many who just came out to say hi and support. My family, friends and all my supporters have helped keep me strong and push me through this crazy journey. Thank you so much to all those who made this day so special!