Lifestyles are permanent diets are temporary

A lot of people have been asking me about my lifestyle lately and I have been asked to share it. So I have taken the time to write up how you can transform your everyday eating habits into healthier choices. I hope you can take a little bit from this article and develop better habits for you and your family. Remember everyone is different and what has been working for me might not necessarily work for you.

Keep in mind I'm not a nutritionist and can't count your calories for you, however, portion control will be something you'll develop over time. As a coach what I can offer is support, recommendations, guidance, healthy meal ideas and alternatives. With personal dedication, self-control and the drive to want it, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. It all begins from within.

First, you need to change your mindset and thought process when you get hungry. Think of eating to fuel your body with nutrition rather than satisfaction or pleasure. Personally I eat mainly for the health benefits rather than taste. This will take some time to become accustom to. Yes, a bowl of ice cream or candy bar would taste much better than roasted veggies mixed with brown rice but at the end of the day what good was the bowl of ice cream or candy bar good for? I recommend you keep reminding yourself that the ice cream or candy bar is going to give you no nutritional value. It’s all about making smarter decisions. With support, drive and self-control it can be done! So let’s get started to a healthier you....

You can start by slowly eliminating dairy. Dairy is bad news everywhere you look. Almost half of the calories in whole milk come from fat, and nearly all its carbs come from sugar. Also, the fat in dairy is every bit as saturated as the fat in beef. Dairy has no fiber or iron. There are so many alternatives to dairy available.

Butter Substitute -Earth Balance which is a vegan spread - basically I consider it a hardened olive oil.

Milk - Switch to Almond milk

Cheese - Well there is a lot of nondairy cheeses however none that I have found even compare. This is a tough one for most to cut out but over time you can learn to avoid it. Remember you don’t need it!

Cut out all the creams and sauces, mayo, ranch, sour cream etc..

I highly recommend eliminating Red Meat all together. Studies provide clear evidence that regular consumption of red meat, especially processed meats, contribute substantially to cancers and premature deaths. Make the transition by eating more chicken and lean ground turkey. 

Try to eliminate soda or reduce your soda intake, drink lots of water!

Here are some suggestions to get you started with your lifestyle changes

What to consume -

Chicken, Fish, Sushi (be mindful a lot of sushi rolls are prepared with dairy), Eggs, Green Veggies, Brown Rice or Quinoa

Light Fruit (contains a lot of natural sugar)

Plain baked potato

Salad with baby greens - Iceberg has no nutritional value.

Dressings try and avoid most - use olive oil/vinegar or Vinaigrette. No French, Ranch, Blue Cheese ect..

Wheat toast - plain or with peanut butter (organic peanut butter only - jiff is full of sugar and preservatives)

Avocados are really good for you

Wheat or Veggie Pasta with Marinara (caution - a lot of people cook marinara with cheese and jarred marinara contains a lot of sugar)

Snack on Almonds, guacamole, veggie sticks, hummus, salsa

Avoid - Foods that generally don't go bad or have a long shelf life. (PROCESSED) Extremely unhealthy!!

A rule I try to live by when going grocery shopping. Shop mainly the perimeter of the store.

While traveling or on the go you can apply all these same principles. Make healthy choices and ask the server! They will typically make accommodations. The best part about all this is that you'll be educated.

A couple decent fast food options

Samurai Sams or Teriyaki Madness - Chicken Bowl with brown Rice and Veggies

Burrito Joints - Wheat tortilla, Chicken, or fish pinto beans, salsa, avacado, lettuce

Smoothies are great as long as you are using the right ingredients, Steer clear of the sugars and dairy. Veggie Juices are terrific blended or pressed. Avoid a lot of fruit due to the natural sugars.

I personally like pressed juice loaded with green veggies to get all the nutrients possible.  Purchasing a juicer maybe a good idea but they are expensive. Also a huge commitment and time consuming.

Don’t forget exercise. You need to boost the heart rate 3-4 times a week for approx.  30-45min - start slow. Walks, Jogs, Bike Rides, Stairs ect…    

I understand this might be easier said than done and you may need to take baby steps. With all the above recommendations a healthy lifestyle will be developed. You'll feel great and weight will come off. No cheat days! Remember this is a lifestyle! If you have any questions, please ask me.

I’ve been following  these guidelines  for over 3 years and once you get it dialed in it becomes second nature. You won’t even think twice about a candy bar anymore. I feel it has aided in my recovery tremendously. Good luck!